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We’ve set up localization workflows for thousands of teams, from multinationals looking to refine their process, to high-growth businesses taking their first steps to global expansion. Now we’re sharing our knowledge with you.
Lokalise Academy has the best educational content for any team member that wants to master localization and implement the best process for their company.
— Romain Dahan, Senior Product Manager, Kairn App
The Crash Course in Localization explains every single step and could help everyone to clarify the meaning of localization.
— Ena Jevtic, Localization Manager & Agile Team Leader
I found out about the differences between localization and translation, the importance of teamwork, and why being a native translator is crucial.
— Monica Elena Chiru, Professional Translator

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Agile and Continuous Workflows in Localization

Improve your localization processes as you discover the best methodologies to avoid delays and enhance your workflow.
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Localization for Marketers

Enhance your organization’s growth strategy by learning how to localize your marketing materials for international audiences.

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